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Creative brand and design

I am a freelance designer and photographer working in Hertfordshire and London, with 17 years experience of working on branding and design projects for a range of brands. From creating logos and guidelines, through to the roll-out of collateral and packaging, including carrying across to digital assets, I can help bring your brand to life. I have redefined and evolved existing brand assets, as well as worked on brands for new up and coming businesses. With skills in photography and digital design, as well as graphic design, I am proud to be able to provide a range of creative services.

Passionate about imagery

I have 15 years experience working on a range of shoots in studios and across Europe, as well as creatively designing and art directing shoots for all types of projects. My particular skills are in destination and travel imagery, and either being the photographer, or art directing to ensure a brand style and vision is in the image. I have been responsible for contributing to brand libraries, and art directing the work of others to ensure consistency, working with brands such as Eurostar and on co-branded projects with brands such as Disney and Waitrose.

Websites and digital

As well as working with clients on their branding and visual style, I also design, setup and manage websites, helping them work through the options available. I have also created the digital files for their social media, email designs and ensured brand consistency along the way.