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The importance of the Project Brief

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The importance of the Project Brief


It may sound obvious, but there really is no better way to start a project than with a clear, thought-out brief. For a designer to know your deepest, darkest thoughts about where your brand is now, and where you want it to be, or your dreams and aspirations for your new start-up, the brief will help define the success of the project.

When you are starting your branding or design project brief, consider the following:

  1. Take a look at your competition, not to mimic but to understand your market – what tone and aesthetic appeal would draw your target audience in? Is there something your competitors do that you could do better to stand out? How can you create your brand positioning to define your credibility for example? The more you can understand your ideal customer, your place in the market and what your customers want from you, the more your brand will build from strong foundations.
  2. Consider your target market, what would they respond to in terms of styling and tone? It’s not about your personal favourite colour, or typeface, though that shouldn’t mean your brand has no personality
  3. When you are starting out, try not to be too fixated on one style or theme – your business, and even you, will evolve as your business grows and develops so be prepared to keep changing and testing to see how to best market to your audience.
  4. As part of the briefing process, I always suggest clients create a moodboard (on Pinterest for example) to pull together visuals and ideas they feel represent their brand, product or service, this also shows something of their personality and aspirations and can help so much with brand development.

These are just a few starter tips, branding is so much more than just a logo, a colour or a typeface, it’s about pulling together the aesthetics and tone for your product or service and then knowing how and where to use the brand assets.

Please don’t be daunted by briefing questions if you aren’t used to filling out these forms, I will happily work through the questions and discussions over a coffee in person or online. Once the brief is defined, we can then map out the timeline and specifics details. If you need help defining your brand’s target market, your tone and aesthetics, then consider my brand positioning session. This is great exercise for start-ups and existing businesses working on brand, website or marketing projects, it can be done in person 1-2-1, as a group/team or online. Sessions can take 2.5 hours to a full day, after which I create a document to start building your brands foundations from.

You can download my Brand Briefing form here, you are welcome to book in a free 20-minute call to see how I can help you, or just drop me a message with any questions.

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