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3 Telltale signs it’s time to rebrand your business

Lydia Berman Branding

How much do you love your logo, marketing material and overall styling? Does it represent your passion and why you believe in your business?

Would you know when to bring in a designer to create a new logo or branding?

When you own your own business, or are busy in a large organisation, it can be easy to procrastinate over projects which need attention. Your logo and marketing collateral design may well be one of those projects, but it could be losing you customers with the impression it is leaving. Whilst you’re busy looking to generate new leads or sales, you may not have a chance to take time to sit back and see what your brand is saying about you. After all, if you are seeing your branding and design day in, day out, you may not even be aware of the impression it is making on potential customers.

Many businesses are reliant on their branding – whether they realise it or not. Your business card, website, packaging, signage, marketing collateral and your tone of voice all play a part in hooking in a new customer, and building brand loyalty with existing clients. So how do you step back and see if your styling is fully reflective of your brand mission?

So, when should you consider a new branding or evolving your current visuals? Here are just 3 telltale signs it might be time to bring in a logo designer…

1. You feel like you are introducing an embarrassing friend at meetings when are asked for your business card or website details…

Think of your brand as your best friend. You should be aligned in your values and aspirations, and equally you and your best friend should be ‘dressed’ appropriately and saying just the right things to meet and attract your ideal client. This doesn’t mean you should brand your business in your favourite colours, it should just feel perfectly in tune with your passion and clearly convey its’ place in the market and appeal directly to your ideal customer. So, if you are living in fear of what your ideal customer would make of your branding, or too embarrassed to admit to it in the first place, then it is time to review! It should also be the opportunity to retune and refine your offering, ensuring you are reaching the perfect target market and revive your passion for sharing all your hard work.

If this sounds like you, then consider a rebrand or brand review, do your research to ensure you create a strong brand to see you through the next phase of your business.

2. You feel intimidated by how strong your competitors market themselves, you worry you aren’t a serious contender in the market… 

This is actually a great position to be in, it means you understand your ideal target market and know where your customers hang out, seek advice and spend their money. When an potential ideal customer comes across you though, you could have all the experience and credentials but if you aren’t cohesive in the way your portray your offering then both visually and tonally, then they may put their trust into a competitor.

If this is where you are at, consider pulling together all your branding, marketing and visuals and see if you are being consistent in your language, how does it all stand against your competitor’s efforts and lastly, ask your customers if they feel it truly reflects your passion, skills and talents.

3. You struggle to convey your focus, wanting to be everything to everyone…

If the purpose of a business isn’t clearly defined, it can easily lose it’s way and become diluted whilst evolving. Again this is a great time to review and find out your stand-out USP and hit the market with a strong and confident ‘re-launch’. When any business is finding it’s feet it is tempting to try to appeal to a large audience by offering a broad range of products and services. This can be dangerous in that you ideally want to be seen as the expert in your field, the place to go for a particular product or the person to collaborate with. By finding your niche, talking directly to your market and defining your offering you can build your reputation and credibility.

If you need help defining your niche, and refining your service and creating the branding and marketing collateral to bring your passion to life, then consider a brand positioning and strategy session which would give you a clear path to follow.

To see how I can help with your branding, marketing or brand positioning, then get in touch to arrange a free call.