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Which brand colours should you choose?

Which brand colours should you choose?

Have you given much thought to your logo and brand colours?

Do you know if your target market feel the colour suits your business, and talks to them? It is so important to ensure we take a moment to consider the impact of our colour choices, and see how it makes our customer feel.

We are surrounded by so many gorgeous colours; whether it’s beautiful brands on Instagram, stunning style ideas on Pinterest or just walking down the high street and looking at modern brands, that it would be easy to get distracted and just choose our favourite colour for our logo and branding!

I cover this in my training and workshops on branding, and it always fascinating seeing where attendee’s brands stand on this colour chart and seeing if it truly works for them and their audience. Have a look and see if you agree!

My advice is to always ensure you have compiled a broad range of your competitors collateral on something like a Pinterest board, take a look at the visual style, vocab they use and overall styling. See if your branding sits in the same world, can it stand its’ own ground and give the right impression of your brand vision and mission?

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Which brand colours should you choose?