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3 Telltale signs it’s time to rebrand your business

Lydia Berman Branding

How much do you love your logo, marketing material and overall styling? Does it represent your passion and why you believe in your business? Would you know when to bring in a designer to create a new logo or branding? When you own your own business, or are busy in a large organisation, it can […]

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My 4-step Brand Foundations & Strategy Workbook is live!

Lydia Berman Creative branding workbook

Every brand’s DNA is unique, so how do you ensure you get the foundations right, create a consistent and solid brand, all whilst standing out in a competitive market?  Well, this 4-step workbook is the perfect start! It is packed full of ways to think about the customer view, refine your ideas and give you focus to create the […]

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The importance of the Project Brief

Blog - brief

The importance of the Project Brief   It may sound obvious, but there really is no better way to start a project than with a clear, thought-out brief. For a designer to know your deepest, darkest thoughts about where your brand is now, and where you want it to be, or your dreams and aspirations […]

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Creative Pool Award nomination!

Creative Pool shortlisted 2018

FEBRUARY 18, 2018 BLOG BRIEF, BRIEF FORM, BRIEFING FORM Creative Pool Award nomination!   Creative Pool Award nomination!   I am not normally someone who enters awards, or shouts about what I do, but I am really proud of being nominated for the Creative Pool Annual Awards 2018 for one of my recent packaging projects!      Read more […]

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