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So, how does the process work?

Every project needs a bespoke approach, tailored to your brief, budget and requirements.

Process path

Let's get started...

Wherever you are in the world, it’s always good to talk! We start projects with a meeting in-person or on Skype or Zoom to get the project brief clear, understand your timelines and define the objectives. I have a briefing form which you can either fill out in advance, or we can go through together during our meeting.

Process path

research, research, research...

Projects succeed and fail over the research. By pulling together research of your competitors, peer brands and target market whilst ensuring your brand works within your place in the market is key to the success of the project.
The research develops into moodboards and collated inspiration to develop ideas and design directions to take forward. 

process 1 -02
Process path
process 1 -03

get out the crayons!

By developing ideas and concepts, we can then work towards delivering the first round of designs. This will involve mock-up ideas and how it could be rolled out …

Process path

refine & polish

There will be a few rounds of designs, followed by a stage of refining and finalising the details.

process 1 -04
Process path
process 1 -05

it's over to you!

words about delivering the files and being on hand to help with rolling out, evolution etc.

Process path

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