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Where to find useful resources

I am always asked where to go for fresh imagery, fonts and other resources, so here are just some of my suggestions.

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If you are looking for imagery, always check on the usage – ideally you are looking for royalty free. If you use editorial or rights managed photos, make sure to check the details.

large traditional stock library 

free high quality imagery 

subscription based styled imagery 

subscription based library

modern stock library

When you are starting your project, or just getting a bit of creative block then here are some useful tools to help you find some inspiration.

So many people I speak to forget the great tool that is Pinterest, make a board of your ideal brand and vision

great source of fonts, illustrations and graphics

You can find all sorts of amazing fonts online, (I’ve collected about 1,500 now!) though again make sure of the license attached to them – personal use only is common, but it is always worth asking how much the owner wants for a license as you’ll often find they are a small donation.

huge library of fonts, check for license

great source of fonts, illustrations and graphics

Google has a large library of free fonts, often with several weights and can be used easily on websites for brand consistency

If you are looking for some resources to help you get your project started, here are some ideas. 

A free (or paid option) tool to create templates for your social media

A great tool to create workbooks and printed design items

This site can help you when you are thinking of colours for your mood board