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Maybe you want to tweak your existing website to perform better, want to rebuild your site from scratch, or don’t know where to even start!
Thank you so much Lydia for the amazing work on my Global Assignments.agency branding and web site. The branding and site looks amazing and I'm truly proud to present my roster of talent to the world of photographic commissions. I couldn't recommend Lydia enough.

 Whatever your online situation, I can help you with the website itself, creating the brand assets and building a strategy to ensure it fits within your brand vision:

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Your website isn’t just a pretty online shop window. Of course you want it to enhance your customers’ experience, support your sales efforts, and reflect your brand throughout. So when designing a website, before anything else, I spend time working with you to define your website’s ambitions.

The sole ambition of this website for instance, is to qualify potential clients (you). Its tone and content is meant to appeal to certain people only, ie my ideal customers. By funnelling every enquiry through the same landing page and specially-designed form, the site links to a CRM system behind-the-scenes and helps to streamline my pre-sales process. That’s exactly what I want it to do.

I’ve helped many small businesses and entrepreneurs develop a website that supports their goals. Alongside benefiting from my design skills, I work with trusted website developers to make websites come to life. I’ve also amassed years of experience working with a wide range of CMSs (aka website back-ends), for websites as well as for DAMs and brand libraries.

Get in touch to see how I can help you.